Dear Esteemed UNAA Members

About 17 months ago after taking the oath office as President I pledged to do everything within my powers to embark on a roadmap to unify our organization. Myself and my team immediately engaged our brothers and sisters from UNAA Causes to forge a way forward on how we could reunite under one UNAA umbrella regardless of our differences in opinion. However, the initial personal calls and group conference calls didn't yield the desired results. Both parties seemed to be very far apart in terms of their prerequisites. Even with this setback hope was not lost.

After several consultations and counsel, a Harmonization Committee was created last November and it was comprised of representatives from UNAA Causes (Dr. Daniel Kawuma and Mr. Paul Kiruuta) and the UNAA Leadership (Mr. Michael Kimbugwe and Mr. Edward Nantamu). The Harmonization Committee was tasked with engaging their respective parties and identifying key issues that led to a break away by a section of UNAA Leaders at the time and the eventual creation of UNAA Causes. Once identified, the Harmonization Committee would submit a report of it's findings and recommendations to the UNAA Leadership team for review.

I am happy to report that the Harmonization Committee finished it's report and here is a copy for your review UNAA HARMONIZATION COMMITTEE REPORT. Therein are suggested action points that were already adopted since 2013 such as preparing quarterly financial reports which can be accessed through the UNAA website. Further still, there are also constitutional amendments that were drafted by the UNAA Council and awaiting to be voted on at the Annual General meeting. Proposed UNAA Constitutional Amendments Once incorporated in the Constitution, they would also address some of the issues included in the report.

I would like to commend the members of the Harmonization Committee for their time and resources committed towards preparing this report during the last several months. The entire UNAA Leadership team will meet and discuss how to resolve or handle those issues that are still pending

Best Regards

Monday Atigo, MBA

President & CEO, Ugandan North American Association


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