Request for Proposal

2014 Graphic Design



Ugandan North American Association




Ugandan North American Association (UNAA) is issuing this Request for Proposal from graphic design companies and individuals to produce a variety of marketing materials needed to successfully accomplish communication of the 2014 UNAA events. In requesting proposals, it is UNAA's intent to contract with a graphic design company or individual to provide Graphic Design Services.




Ugandan North American Association is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit Massachusetts corporation, with a mission to Create experiences that bring the greater Ugandan Immigrant community together to commemorate our diverse heritage, foster inclusion, educate and create awareness of issues, and celebrate achievements in North America.  To celebrate these achievements, we organize an Annual Convention and Exposition which is open and inviting to everyone in North America and Uganda and all over the world.


Attendance at our Annual Conventions has increased in the last ten years, with over 2,000 guests attending the convention in Dallas in 2013. As one of the largest Ugandan Immigrant Associations in the United States, our convention attracts local and international attendees and a growing number of exhibitors.


The Graphic Designer's primary function is to develop marketing materials including ads, brochures, posters, event logo, merchandise design, program/map layout, and web graphics related to the 26th Annual UNAA convention due to take place in San Diego in August 2014. Limited creation of additional ads and other materials will be required throughout the year.




The term of any contract resulting from this RFP will run from the date of execution of the contract until December 31, 2016, with the possibility of extension through December 31, 2015.


Adherence to Specifications

It is not the intent of these specifications to rule out or eliminate any prospective bidder. If the services you intend to bid do not comply with the specifications as written, you should attach to your proposal an itemization and explanation for each deviation or variation from the specifications. UNAA may, at its sole discretion, consider or deny any deviation and contract for the services that best suit its intended objectives.


Method of Selection

UNAA will evaluate each proposal submitted in response to this RFP to determine the most responsive and appropriate proposal(s). UNAA seeks proposal(s) offering the best value, while maintaining a high standard and best meeting UNAA's objectives, as described above. However, UNAA retains the sole discretion to choose one proposal, more than one proposal, or to reject all proposals as unacceptable.


Condition of Award

If UNAA chooses one or more proposals, UNAA will award a contract to the successful bidder(s) on the condition that the selected contractor(s) sign a mutually agreeable contract, a statement of support of UNAA's mission, a Work for Hire Agreement, and a Confidentiality Agreement.



The successful candidate will create the official graphic design for the 2014 UNAA Convention season. The graphic must be produced in an electronic format that can be easily modified as necessary. The design must be adaptable for use in the production of print and online ads, web and social media content, posters, flyers, and merchandise. The design must also be capable of reproduction in different sizes (i.e. postcards, 8½ x 11, and 11 x 17) and in both color and black and white. The successful candidate will also layout the UNAA Convention program/map, Ugandan North American Association's Annual Report, and various other pieces TBD.


Please note that the design/ownership/copyright and original source (Illustrator, Photoshop) files must remain with Ugandan North American Association and that all work product created as part of this project will be the sole property of Ugandan North American Association.


Each bidder, by submitting a proposal, represents that the bidder has:
  1. Read and completely understands the RFP document.
  2. Is familiar with the conditions under which the graphic design would be produced, including availability, cost of materials, and labor.
  3. Agrees that the offer shall be valid and irrevocable until April 15, 2014.
  4. Understands that the bidder may be asked to discuss their written proposal to the RFP on dates mutually agreed upon by the bidder and UNAA.

Contractor's Qualifications: Proposal Elements

  1. Proposals will be considered from individuals or event companies with five or more years of graphic design experience.
  2. Bidders should provide evidence of the following:
    1. Experience, performance ability and/or resources that would establish capability of producing the design required.
    2. Commitment to the mission of Ugandan North American Association.
    3. Ability and commitment to work collaboratively with staff, volunteers and community members.
  3. Bidders should specifically identify the following in their proposals:
    1. Any actual or potential conflicts of interest.
    2. Cost estimate: All candidates must submit an estimate based on the work outlined in this RFP, printing fees excluded, and an hourly or per item rate for design services that may be over and above the scope of work indicated.
  4. UNAA will reject the proposal of any bidder and void any contract resulting from this RFP with any contractor who makes any material misrepresentations in their proposal.


Proposals will be accepted until Friday, March 7th, 2014 at 5:00 p.m. Proposals must be addressed to: Ugandan North American Association and submitted electronically by email to with Graphic Design RFP in the subject line. Proposals will be reviewed and taken to the Ugandan North American Association Executive Committee for their initial approval at the March 9, 2014 Executive Meeting. All event management companies and individuals submitting RFPs will be contacted within thirty days following that meeting.


Please email or call 682 564 5320 to discuss the Event and/or any aspects of this RFP.