UNAA Constitutional Amendments

Fellow UNAA Members,

The 2013/2015 UNAA Council worked on and passed the 11 constitutional amendments that are being displayed on the UNAA website. These amendments were approved by 2/3 of the UNAA Council and subsequently presented at the New Orleans 2015 Annual General Meeting (AGM) as required by article 13.1 of the UNAA Constitution.

The New Orleans AGM directed the UNAA Council to get an Attorney to review and ensure that the amendments and the process used to pass them conform to the laws of the State of Massachusetts. In that respect, the UNAA Council contacted Martin Musinguzi, Esq. of Musinguzi Law Group, LLC to review the amendments. The Attorney in his recommendations opined “that should the UNAA General Assembly approve these Constitutional Amendments, they will be given effect under Massachusetts law” with the caveat that adequate notice must be given to members to read and discuss them before the vote.

These amendments are being displayed on the website so that members can review and discuss them. They will be presented to the next AGM that will be held at the UNAA Miami 2017 convention for a vote. For the convenience of our members, particularly those that will vote online, the Council is working with the UNAA Electoral Commission (EC) so that these amendments are included on the electoral ballot of the UNAA 2017 elections. In order to satisfy article 13.1, members who vote on them online will be expected to confirm their choice at the AGM. Should they not be able to attend the AGM in person, they may appoint a proxy to confirm their choice. In the event that a member who voted online does not appoint a proxy, the Secretary of the AGM in charge of taking minutes, will assume their proxy by default and confirm their choices on the amendments.To read the proposed constitutional amendments, Please click the link here

I trust that you will all be engaged in a spirited discussion as we endeavor to streamline our constitution.

United We Stand

Nicholas Wakou

Speaker, UNAA Council